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27th June 2003



My flight was on a Friday afternoon, 1:55pm, California time. Last day in the Bay Area. Time flew so fast and I would be home soon. But I was looking forward to be home in fact. One year in Silicon Valley was an adventure and marked a new chapter of my life. I might be back in the Valley in the future, for tour, for work, who knows? =)

Anyway, it was good to be home. To a cozy home and a cozy bed. =)


San Francisco Airport or they call the SFO and Edric kindly sent me there and we had lunch before I went to the departure gate. Thanks, Edric!

A duty free shop... bought a box of See's Candies

To the departure gate

More shops

Gate A9 and a 10 hour flight or so to Narita Airport, Tokyo, which was my stopover point

Up on the Northwest Airlines plane

At Narita Airport

Taking the shuttle to the airport

About a 2-hour stopover, did some shopping with Kalen Ong, a fellow Singaporean whom I met on the plane. She's works in Singtel...

Nice Japanese sweets! Bought 2 boxes

More nice stuff

Gate 28C... and another 7 hours or so to Singapore. But the plane had a mechanical fault and my flight was delayed for an hour and a half. It happened when I left Singapore for the US too, Ok, Northwest Airlines suck too

Back at Changi Airport, after passing a gate with a cool scanner to scan body temperature

Arrival time 2am

To the Arrival Hall

Gotta submit some declaration of health form

My family waiting outside while I was collecting my baggage! Mum, Dad and Zhixiu, thanks for picking me up! =)