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Lawrence's House

24th June 2003



Went back to L2Solutions today after my trip to see my colleagues and I had souvenirs for my colleagues too. Lawrence invited me to visit his house and for dinner. After work, he picked up his wife, Elissa, and we went to get some Chinese food from a store near their house.

I got to see their 2 cute rabbits, had dinner and spent some time playing on the XBox...


The rabbits!

The black one was a guy and the white one was a girl

The backyard

Grazing on the lawn

The rabbit house

Some plants they grew - tomato, pumpkin, grapes, etc

It's a 2-storey house, perfect for a couple


Dining table

A fireplace

The special TV booting up

It's a HTPC (Home Theater PC), really advanced. It's digital and ran off a PC and you could record programmes, view pictures, video clips, TV etc...

Upstair's the study area and it was a room that had the wall taken away

Our dinner!

Some pear for the rabbit

Sharing a pear core

Lawrence and Elissa

Sitting quietly

Grooming each other
Unfortunately, my camera went out of battery and did not have the chance to take a final photo with Lawrence and Elissa. But thanks to them for inviting me to their place! =)