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East Coast Trip!

14th June 2003 - 22nd June 2003



Day 1 - New York City - 14th

I stopped work at L2Solutions on 10th June to get prepared for my final trip in the U.S.! It was a 9-day trip to the Eastern part of the U.S. and I went with Olivia. Our first 7 days were with an excellent tour company called Cosmos and the last 2 days were on our own. The tour went from New York City to the Niagara Falls, on to Lancaster and to Washington DC, and from Philadelphia back to New York City. On our free and days, we spent a day in New York City and a day in Boston...

It was an 'exciting' 1st day for us. We missed our flight in the morning after some frantic waiting and running around. Well, we were there about an hour before our flight and usually domestic flights are checked in fast, and that's what we thought. Unfortunately, for the sucky United airlines, the check-in queue was so long and slow that we missed our 8:10am flight. Fly United? My foot.

Luckily, we managed to get another ticket at 1:30pm at no cost and leave San Jose Airport for New York City. Our flight stopped over at Denver at 6pm local time. We arrived at our New York City hotel at 1am while the original arrival time was in the evening. Anyhow, we did not miss our tour and our tour director left a message at the hotel for us. Then, we explored New York City and were surprised that it was so alive at such a time. After walking about Times Square and a supper at Yoshinoya, it was 3am and a good rest for the tour tomorrow!

682 photographs in all!

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COSMOS Tour 8000 - Niagara Falls & Washington D.C.

Waiting for our next flight after we have missed the morning one

The time is 10:31am after some early morning rush and waiting in queues

We are in New York already?! Haha, no... we're still in San Jose Airport

Boarding area

Into the skies

Stopover at Denver Airport

New York at night

New York City!

Public library

Walking around Times Square

Olivia, my travel companion

Olivia and me

Our New York City hotel, Clarion Hotel

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