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GEM Spring Last Class

4th June 2003



Tom Kosnik, our Stanford professor for GEM (Global Entrepreneurial Marketing), invited us to the last session of GEM. My batch took GEM last quarter (winter class) but we were welcome to attend the last of our junior batch's GEM class (spring class).


Thorton, where GEM classes were held

Took a stroll on the campus before attending the last class


Tables at a cafeteria

The famous Jamba Juice in Stanford

Bikes are the primary mode of transport for the students here although there's a shuttle service on campus

Inside Terman Auditorium

Tom Kosnik

Haoning giving her presentation

Feng Zhimin's and Varun's group

Edmund the videocam man and Bee Thiam the photographer

Keya giving his presentation

Keya's slides

Gladys and her teammate

Other groups

This guy's presentation's really funny

Yoda on stage
After all presentations, Tom gave his summary on the GEM lessons learnt and we had a short break. We return to attend a short guitar and song performance by one of Tom's friends which was really good and had his CDs on sale in the auditorium.

We hung around until 9:30pm before we headed off for dinner at Miyaki, a Japanese restaurant, together with 2 of our winter GEM classmates and Dalerie, our GEM Teaching Assistant (TA).

More photos at Miyaki to be up... from Olivia and Eugenia's cameras...