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Yosemite & Whitewater Rafting

17th May 2003 - 18th May 2003



We left for Yosemite at 3:30am just a few hour from our farewell dinner. It's my 2nd time at Yosemite and this time it's for hiking and not for driving around and sightseeing. =P We had about 18 people going for the trip and had 4 vehicles. But in the end, 3 vehicles of people met up to hike...

We hiked up a trail that took us to 2 waterfalls and it took us the whole day... and after that we landed up at a motel in Mariposa, 25 miles from Yosemite. A good rest before we start off for our whitewater rafting trip

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Our car (white) and Darius' minivan... then we met up with Colin's car

We parked our vehicles at Curry Village and started our hike

Sign to some trails and we were taking the Happy Isles trail, see Sherine so happy liao...

There's Sherine, Colin, Edric, Peiling, Bao Lei, Xie Ke

Also, Geeta, Varun, Minghui, Darius, Haoning and her friend on a visit, Adrain

Can see me? In the center?

Some people camping

Here goes our starting point




Hiking upslope was quite tiring

Some rapids

A bird with blue feathers

Near the base of a waterfall


The water's flowing fast

Xie Ke

Me... there was so much mist from the waterfall and we all got drenched climbing up to the top of the waterfall

Wet, wet, wet

A rainbow!

Sherine and me

Trail up the waterfall

Finally we were at the top

Top of the waterfall

Water flowing endlessly

A cute Yosemite search-and-rescue dog


Group picture

Bao Lei and me



Taking a break by a stream...

... before we hiked back to our cars

Colin, Edric, Bao Lei, me and Xie Ke

At top of the 2nd waterfall

We were taking a different trail back... on a horsetrail and this one looks wet

A pair of deer

Finally made the trail! All tired...

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