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Farewell Dinner

16th May 2003



So long.. farewell. It's time to say goodbye for our batch (the 2nd batch). Our junior batch and guests from our companies, NUS Alumni, etc. were invited for the event at Stanford Park Hotel. Some of our friends were leaving in early June and most of us would leave in end June and July. I invited my CEO Wrich and supervisor Lawrence to attend...


Kinda stuffy in here though....

Drinks for the guests

Slides that had 100+ pictures of us and our trips... =)

Time to settle down

We had more guests than our seniors' farewell dinner

Eu Jin's CEO from Xagros giving an opening address

Haha, a slide of Heng Wai - a parody of X-men... the Buffetman!

Yusuf sitting opposite my table

Me, and my table had some guests who were senior Singaporeans working in the Bay Area and shared much of my experience here with them

Me! Receiving my certificate and a souvenir

Edric so happy to receive his cert from John Nesheim, our EEM professor

Kae Fong, our outgoing NUSEA President giving an address on behalf of the 2nd batch

Karen Wong, our NUS manager

Yu Ling, our 2nd NUS manager

Geeta and Varun, giving away some 'fame' awards to certain people. =P

Tom Kosnik, our Stanford Professor

Heng Wai and me, it's after dinner and time to snap pictures!

Me and Yu Ling

Edric and Yu Ling

Karen and Me.... both Karen and Yu Ling have been taking good care of us, thank you!!! =)

Mixing around with some guests

Karthik, me and Olivia

Me and Caoyu with a funky tie

Me and Lingyao

Edric, me and Sherine... oei, we are not ready yet!

Ok, Edric, me and Sherine - the Marymount people. The missing member of Marymount was Eu Jin, whowas in Singapore for a business case competition presentation

Me and Colin

Keith, Akshay and Prem

Keith and Keya

Keith and Edric

Me and Keith

Me and Keith again, oei... get out of my camera, haha

Edric, Olivia and me

Edmund, Keith and Olivia in snowboarding stance

Edric, me and Edmund try snowboarding stance too

Keith and Bao Lei

Edmund and Bao Lei

Me and Bao Lei

Olivia and her certificate

Me and my certificate

The L2 interns! Keya, me and Minghui

Edric, me, Akshay and Vijay

Olivia and I disturbing the shot for Varun, Geeta and Sherine

Ok, we are in the picture. =P

Geeta, Edric and Varun

Me and Prem

Kae Fong and me

Keith and Karen

Olivia and Karen, Yu Ling and Warren, our NUS lawyer

Darius, the new NUSEA President and Kae Fong

Me and Darius

Varun and Kae Fong

Small group photo!

Peiling and Me

Whose legs?!

Edric, me and Heng Wai

The 2 certificates above, the graphic on the program sheet designed by me and the silver star as our souvenir

An unofficial certificate - voted 'best mother'?? Probably because Shreyan and I used to call each other 'brother' last year and we started calling each other 'mother' this year... but I was a better 'mother' than him... haha

The official certificate. =)