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Mount Tamalpais & Muir Woods

4th May 2003



The next day after the Napa trip, we went to Mount Tamalpais which is near Muir Woods.We had a smaller group this time, with only 7 of us - me, Edric, Sherine, Dexiong, Colin, Eugenia and Vivian.

We left Marymount to Millbrae to pick up Vivian and had a nice Chinese lunch at Bristo. After about an hour and a half drive, we caught some nice views on Mt. Tamalpais.

In the afternoon, we were trekking in Muir Woods and had quite an adventure walking uphill and along muddy paths. At night, we had a Japanese dinner at a restaurant in San Francisco where Edric's uncle worked...


We went in 2 cars and my car was following Edric's car (with Sherine and Dexiong)

Colin drove my car while I took pictures, Eugenia and Vivian were at the back...

We were driving on the Golden Gate Bridge

After the bridge

View from the car

More shots

More shots

At a point on Mount Tamalpais

A mountain toilet, haha

A water cooler


We drove further up the mountain

The 3 of them (Edric, Sherine, Dexiong) at the top


With some fog

On grass with many flowers

You could see the sea in the background and it was as blue as the sky and seemed to join seamlessly with the sky

The land beyond the fog


At Muir Woods

Visitor Center to pay entrance fees

A redwood tree which is a giant tree that grows to incredible heights

A sapling

This display told the age of this tree which is nearly 1000 years old

The tall trees were everywhere

Sherine and me

Tall or not?

Much much taller than me right?

Let's take a trail to start trekking

Some kind of odd plant

Small stream

A fallen tree


Taking a break

On a bridge

Posing at a tree with a hollow base

We trekked to an open space after 1 or 2 hours...

Finally out of the forest

Admiring the scenery...

... and taking some pictures


More mountains

End of our trail and we were cleaning our shoes after all the walk in the muddy paths

Clear water and a dirty shoe...

Colin, our main driver...

Going to see the sunset

Stopped at a place to take pictures

Can u see me?

Edric's car

My car

View taken from the car...

Back to San Francisco

Some nice sushi prepared by Edric's uncle and he gave us a discount for our Japanese meal! =)