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Napa Valley & Sausalito

3rd May 2003



Napa Valley is the valley of wineries and 12 of us went there to taste and buy wines! We met at Marymount Apartment in Redwood City and set off in 3 cars:- 1) My car has Edric, Vivian and Keya, 2) Caoyu's car has Lesley, Sherine and Keith and 3) Lingyao's car has Bao Lei, Kartik, Dexiong (our guest from Bio Valley, Philadaphia).

Although it was raining intermittently in the morning, the weather became better in the afternoon. We travelled about 3 hours to Napa Valley but had stopped by Richmond to have some brunch.

We spent most of our time at the V. Sattui Winery recommended by Olivia and bought a case of wines (a dozen + one) from there! We visited another winery, but it was late and it was closed... before we headed to Sausalito (north of Golden Gate Bridge) for dinner...


Me at a winery under construction, we stopped at this one for a break

Rows of grape plants?

At the Napa Valley Museum... it was difficult to have 3 cars on the road following and we lost each other halfway through the journey and so we decided to meet each other at this museum.

Some history on Napa Valley

More exhibits

Some art...

Flattened bottles used as plates for cutting cheese

A holder for wine glasses

An exhibit showing the components of wine

This showed the effects of having various levels of alcohol in your blood

Parts of a grape

Some terminals have quizzes on wines

We were at V. Sattui Winery and this was one of the tasting rooms but this room you have to pay to taste

Some wines for sale

Outside the tasting room, Vivian


A fat black kitty

Benches to sit, drink and eat

A couple of wine jelly for sale, we got one of each type to try.

This place allows us to taste about 8 wines for free...

Here's the 8 of them... from white, rose, red and desserts wines

The tasting team - Me, Dexiong, Edric and Sherine

More people tasting and buying wines

Wine bottles and glasses

More glasses

Bags for wine bottles as a gift wrap


They go well with wine too

Leaving V. Sattui Winery to the next winery

Stopping by for a scenic shot

Another farm...



The 12 of us! But too small to see huh...

Our 3 cars - from left, Caoyu's car, Lingyao's car and my car

Edric, Bao Lei, Lingyao


Me, Keya and Edric at the Sterling Vineyards in Calistoga, the northmost part of Napa Valley

Me in the center of the road with rows of beautiful yellow-leaved trees

They were the only trees that had yellow leaves

Grape plants

My Jetta

The other cars

Heading towards the main office, only to find that tours were over, it was 5pm and they were closed

They had cable cars taking visitors up to a hill

Before we leave Sterling Vineyards, let's take pictures!

From left: Bao Lei, Edric, Lingyao, Keith, Kartik, Dexiong, Keya, Vivian, Sherine, Lesley, Caoyu and me

It seemed beautiful on the outside but too bad we were too late to tour the inside.

After about one and a half hours, we reached Sausalito

Looks like a boat pier

Many boats and yachts were parked here


What's that?

It said 'Private Residence'

A friendly dog

The downtown of Sausalito

It's a small but nice town by the sea

Lights up in the evening

A shop selling cute things

Soft toys

It seemed like a restaurant on a boat

Another expensive restaurant... and we went to a cheaper but good restaurant to have our dinner

Finally we returned home after midnight and here's my 2 bottles of desserts wine I have bought. On the left is a Muscat (whitish) which is mild and sweet and on the right is a Madeira (reddish) which is stronger as it had brandy and also slightly sweet =)