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New NUS Office & Golfing

13th April 2003



Our NUS office moved from Redwood Shores to Mountain View recently and we went to catch a glimpse of it, but the main purpose was to meet up with Prof Jacob Phang, CEO of NUS Enterprise who was here for a private visit and to discuss matters pertaining to NUSEA. Then we had lunch with him at Castro Street which was within walking distance of the office.

Then, we headed off to Shoreline golf driving range. I was there for a second time and had some coaching from Eu Jin, but was still barely hitting the balls right... =P

Inside the office

The main entrance

The main office building leased to other companies too

At the golf course

Nice golf house

Rather windy and cold to be golfing though

Kae Fong warming up

Readying to take a swing

Where did the ball go???

Olivia practicing

Under the supervision of Eu Jin

Eu Jin the coach taking a shot...

Kae Fong in sand bunker... but the sand was wet...

Eh, Eu Jin, you are not supposed to use the rake...

Really windy and cold.... brrrrr..

Ducks and more ducks

Olivia and her duck friends