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NUSEA Mixer 2003

9th April 2003



It's our 2nd NUSEA Mixer and this time, we have linked to NUS students in Singapore and Bio Valley in Philadephia via web conferencing. It was spectacular to see them in real-time and they were able to ask questions to our speakers here too. We had 2 rather well-known speakers, Guy Kawasaki of Garage Technology Ventures and Kamran Elahain of Global Catalyst Partners to talk about entrepreneurship that is build to last.

We had more guests this year, probably we have our 3rd batch of students and their company colleagues here, and we also invited some of our Stanford classmates along too. The event was a great sucess and many people were impressed, especially with the web conference setup. As quoted from Kae Fong, our NUSEA President, 'a thousand things could have gone wrong, but I didn't see any...'

Karen and Kae Fong in the center

The guys setting up the screens, audio and other stuff

Rahul and Karthik the cable guys

Sherine and Geeta slotting program sheets into the files

Me, Shreyan, Rahul and other guys in charge of the chairs

Looks like one screen is up...

Yusuf in the middle of nowhere

Prem giving a hand to Geeta.... or too much hands?

Yusuf and chairs

Heng Wai is the man for setting up most of the web conferencing

Setup is almost ready

Putting the finishing touches

Our speakers' table used in a coffee table setting

Olivia and Lesley, our 2 registration table girls

Bao Lei, our first 'guest' to arrive... =P

Sherine, our mixer head, giving a final briefing before the show starts

Powerpoint slides on the center screen, on the left was the screen from Singapore and on the right was from Bio Valley

Rahul and Eu Jin

More pics before the event starts

With me in the picture

Prem, Shreyan and Yusuf, the doormen to hand our souvenirs and files

Heng Wai is testing testing

Our first guests have arrived

Soon, they are filling up the seats

Queuing for food

Delicious Singaporean food catered from Raffles Cafe

The talk will begin in a moment

Shirish, our host and moderator, settling the guests down

Kae Fong giving an address

Kamran giving his part of the talk

Guy, Shirish and Kamran

Our attentive audience

A good turnout and there's not even enough seats

Edmund was our video cameraman

Time to have an informal session at the coffee table

A member of the audience posing a question to our speakers

Responding to questions

Lesley posing a question, representing NCSV students =)

Guy giving his answer

Time's up for the speakers and Sherine's thanking our speakers

A token of appreciation for Kamran, Shirish...

... and Guy

Yusuf and Eric Carr (webmaster from our GEL class) leaving their seats just after the talk... who are they looking for? Their wives? haha

Haha, Dax taking picture of me ah...

John being interviewed after the talk and there's Jon on the right. Both were from my company, L2 Solutions and they were here for our mixer

NCSV students talking to Kamran

Shrish on the left talking to Yu Ling and in almost all of our NCSV events, we have...

... Professor Tom Kosnik, our Stanford professor for our entrepreneurial courses

Richard Lim from Majulah Connection, also a member of the NUS alumni being interviewed by Colin

Tom's talking to the NCSV students

Chatting with some guests

Group photo with Tom!

Rahul taking a poser shot

I also want to take...

Group shots!

Group shots!

Group shots!

The MAD (Mixer AD-Hoc) team!