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Go Karting!

13th March 2003



Go Karting! It was a karting day for L2Solutions and Buildfolio guys and about 10 of us were at Lemans Karting in Fremont. It was pretty good, I got to wear the racing suit, complete with gloves and helment. I got some trouble on the helmet because of my glasses. The helmet had to go over my head before I could put on my glasses. But I could not see clearly after I put them on, felt they were out of place, anyway must remember to use contact lens next time...

The karts can travel up to 40mph but at 30mph, you feel the speed already. It was the first time for most of us and we took some time to get used to the accelerating, braking and turning of the kart. Then everyone started racing...!

Keya, our new NUS intern at L2Solutions and the pictures here are taken from his digicam. He is also known as LKY (Li Keya) or Eric

Me and Lawrence - the fastest racer in L2 and Buildfolio - with Matt in the background

Here's Matt, one of the newer staff at L2 who joined us as a QA engineer

Minghui, "We all look like astronauts!"

Keya and Matt

Me with Lawrence's helmet

The race circuit... not so clear huh

Meeting the Buildfolio guys who were late

Waiting for briefing

Haha, terrorist from China?

The race team

Keya again

Keya and Lawrence

Xie Ke, new NUS intern at Buildfolio, same as Keya's batch

The indoor circuit and the karts in the foreground