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Goodbye Civic, Hello Jetta

7th March 2003



Got a new car to drive today! It was a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta... really shiok and I do not mind spending more money on it. The previous car, a 1988 Honda Civic, was a liability as it gave me too much problems to keep it. Anyway, I am now happy with my Jetta and hopefully it will serve me well for the rest of my stay here.

A mid-size car with a 2.0L engine

Looks new and well maintained by the previous owner, who happened to be a fellow Singaporean who sold the car to me as he was going to fly back to Singapore

This car sits 4 people rather than 5... and it's got a large boot at the back

It's fun to drive. =)

The car below was my Civic. Had it for about 5 months but gave me a couple of problems too. I could have kept it until I leave but problems kept coming.

A small car but easy to drive

Rather fuel efficient and I pay less for gas than most of my friends

Here's a car log of the problems I got and I believe most old cars have similar problems. So, the lesson learnt was - not to buy cars older than 10 years. Even a reliable Japanese car can fail when it's too old. Or I guess I was the more unlucky one with more car problems. Anyway, I managed to sell it off. Although, it was sold at a lower price, I had to let it go fast so that I can get another car.

1988 Honda Civic Repair Log
- replaced ignition system: the car failed to start up at all
- replaced burst coolant hose: the cause of overheating and stranded me on a freeway
- replaced gasoline filter: not enough gas to the engine and engine dies down randomly
- replaced CV axles: some side-problems discovered when repairing the gasoline filter
Lastly, there is a transmission problem that happens sometimes, i.e. the gear fails to engage even when I step on the gas, but I managed to sell the car without repairing that.
So, what I am advising the new NCSV students who are buying cars... get better cars if you can afford and save the headache and money... =|