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L.A. & San Diego Trip

14th February 2003 - 17th February 2003



Day 1

I took a day off on Friday, 14th Feb, which happened to be Valentine's Day too. The following Monday was President's Day, a public holiday and I went on a 4-day trip to L.A. (Los Angeles) and San Diego with Colin, Catherine, Dax and Juan Juan.

We departed from Colin's place on Thursday night in a rental car and arrived about 5 to 7 hours later on Friday morning. But it was too early to check into the hotel and so Universal Studio was our first stop of our tour... it was large and there's shows to see and rides to take

There's so many pictures we have taken... so enjoy them all. =)

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Our hotel Radisson, but it's too early to check in... check in time was at 3pm

Rather empty at Universal Studios... we were one of the first people to enter

A scary walkthrough, like a haunted house

Me and Babe the piglet

These are the sets where they filmed some movies

King Kong on one of our guided tour on a tram

The Collapsing Bridge... but it was not in operation, because if our tram moved over it, it might really collapse

A scene where rain and flood were being simulated

Our tram took us to an underground railway scene where the rail station was being flooded

A set for the Jaws movie

A "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" set

A light blue backdrop where they can put different backgrounds for different movies

Game stalls

A WaterWorld show

There's 2 levels in Universal Studios, Upper and Lower Lot. Here's the long escalator down to the Lower Lot

With Shrek - Catherine, Juan Juan, Dax, Colin and me

With some dunno wat character



Us with E.T.

A Spiderman musical

Posing with the hero of WaterWorld

Posing with the bad guys

About to watch an IMAX show - Terminator 3D

I am Terminator for a while

One whole day at the Universal Studios in Hollywood!

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