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NCSV Get-Together

8th February 2003



It's a big gathering on Saturday and the purpose was to welcome the 3rd batch of students and introduce to one another. The location was at the house of Minghui, Galdys, Marie, Darius, Varun and Haoning. It's a really large house in Foster City and best of all, it has room to fit all 35 - 40 plus of us!

Yu Ling, our NCSV manager chatting to some of us

Here's the dining and living room

Here's a big backyard where we played a bit of volleyball!

Gathering to know one another and what's that curry puff doing?

All of us have to take turns to say your name, course of study, which batch and one interesting thing about yourself.

So if you do not have anything interesting to share, then your friends will say something about you, haha

Surprise, surprise! Yu Ling handing out ang baos to everyone! It's my one and only ang bao here in Silicon Valley...

Attacking the food

Oei, queue up, dun fight

3 of the newcomers, Bernard, James and Varun

Hearing what they have to say...