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Cozy's New PC

17th January 2003



Not much updates... school started 2 weeks ago and it's back to study and work but it's not so hectic as the last quarter. Anyway, I got a new PC to replace my laptop at office. =) A faster computer but it's troublesome to install and set up things all over again...

Here are some pictures of my engineering department and colleagues too.

My new PC!

A really small CPU and it has 2 USB ports in the front and a CD-ROM drive

My desk and my outgoing laptop on the left, now the monitor takes up so much space...

Here's Priya who works beside me on my right

Ashish's sitting on on my left, but that's Lawrence's desk actually. My supervisor Lawrence has gone to Singapore and Taiwan for a 2-week holiday and Ashish's taking over his duties for a while.

There's Swati over the other side... not in the picture is Minghui (NUS student) and Ariel... This is our engineering team in L2Solutions!