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New Year's Eve

31st December 2002



The last day of year 2002. Most of our friends are spending this day in New York, Las Vegas and other places. Some of us left in California (including myself) gathered for a dinner at a Chinese restaurant for a New Year's dinner. When I stepped into the restaurant, the waiter ask whether I am Chinese or Korean... do I look Korean huh? Anyway, we went to San Francisco to catch the New Year's fireworks via the BART, a kind of train that travels from cities to cities.

It was packed there and the fireworks display lasted about 10 minutes or so and... that's it? People started to make their way back home or elsewhere. Several pubs have parties but you have to pay and book in advanced and there's little things happening around. Kinda disappointing for the event and the big crowd. But here's wishing everyone a Happy Year 2003! =)

In the back is Rahul's company founder Alex and his girlfriend Yenyen. In front is Minghui, Karthik & Rahul

Yusuf, Bee Thiam, myself, Akshay and Keith. All on board the BART... and some of us actually got free rides, hehe

Crowd making their way to the fireworks destination

Edging through the sea of people

A clock tower, several minutes before countdown

A stage was there, but can't see much


...and more coming up

Back to squeezing for the ride back home. The BART closes at 3am but we managed to get back to our station by 2am