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Monterey Bay

28th December 2002



My Saturday morning was spent at Monterey Bay, we went in 2 cars - Sohrab, Sohrab's sister, Sachin (Sohrab's friend), Edmund and myself, and - Yusuf, Karthik, Olivia and Olivia's parents. 

We dropped Olivia's parents at the Poppy Hills golf course and we drove along the 17 Mile Drive and stopped at various scenic locations at Pebble Beach to take pictures.

Then we went on our way to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where the sunny weather turned rainy. But we went to visit the place nonetheless and met up with Kae Fong, Heng Wai and his friend at the aquarium.

The place was rather crowded despite the rain and it wasn't too bad inside... sea creatures to see and take pictures and a rainbow to end the evening...


Poppy Hills Golf Course

People golfing, but unfortunately, it started to rain later

First stop, the beach

Quite windy too

Me, Olivia, Sohrab, Yusuf, Sohrab's sister, Sachin and Edmund

The waves are nice to watch too

A surfer riding the waves

What's up, Edmund?

Yusuf, Sachin, Olivia, Sohrab & sis, Edmund, Karthik

Scenic view

Waves hitting the rocks

Sachin and Karthik

Sea birds on the rocks

Sachin, Edmund and myself... the wind is really strong here...

Edmund fighting his way against the wind

Sea gulls

Lone tree on the edge

Sohrab, Sachin, Yusuf and Karthik

Me vs. strong wind

Foamy water

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium

It's dark around 6pm or so and snow is falling...

.... but there's still night skiing until 9pm.

Trash is home to some animals

Sea life through the looking glass

Sea dollars (some sea creatures) on display

Skeleton of some fish that eats hard-shelled animals

Anchovies swimming round and round, each following its neighbour, with no one leading the way

Me with the stupid anchovies



Penguin shop

Some specimens

Baby sharks in egg cases

Big jellyfish swimming upside down

Giant tunas

Sleeping Karthik

Sleeping Sachin

One end of a rainbow...

... and the other end of it, a pot of gold???