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Thanksgiving in Las Vegas

28th November 2002 - 2nd December 2002



We had a 4-day holiday (Thanksgiving on Thurs, Friday is off + weekends) and we went to Las Vegas for a much needed break. This time we were fortunate to have Gek Lim, who is Dax's supervisor, to drive us there and back. =)

Leaving on Wed night, we stopped over at a place midway to Las Vegas and spent the night there. Then we set off on Thanksgiving morning and arrived in Las Vegas in the late afternoon... and checked into our hotel, Castaways. It's an ok place to stay in but the casino is too smoky...

There wasn't much to see in the day as in Las Vegas, it becomes alive only at night. It is brightly lit everywhere and every hotel has a casino at its entrance and there are many tourists around. The only things to do in Las Vegas is to eat, gamble, sleep, gamble, shop and then gamble... haha.

We tried some slot machines and played Blackjack on the tables. Some bankers are quite friendly and taught us how to play. Las Vegas is known for its casinos and its shows. And so, we caught a show at midnight. Btw, it's a topless show, so no pictures here, too bad... Also, you can't avoid from putting money in the machines or on the table... they are everywhere... even when you go back to your hotel you pass by the casino, you go out of the hotel, you will pass by the casino too. On some occasions we won some money but most of the time, we 'spent' more. =P

Las Vegas also have wedding chapels all over the place. Seems that people like to get married here. There's also many tourists around, Japanese, Indians, Taiwanese etc... and old retirees spending their time at the slots and tables. Here's Las Vegas - the gambler's paradise...

Stopping over at a temporary hotel...

Our rented car

Shot from the car window

Ulu place...

Gek in the driver's seat and Dax as navigator while Sherine and I took the back seats.

Long long road to Las Vegas!

The Pyramid

Some kinda castle

Colourful buildings

The Stratosphere tower

Our Castaways hotel

It's got a bowling center

Sherine and Gek

Our first buffet lunch+dinner at the hotel

Me and Dax having good food to eat before we hit The Strip(long stretch of road) where most of the famous hotels are...

Mandalay Bay hotel

Tropicana hotel

The Pyramid at night! A beam of light shining into the clouds above

No, it is not the Merlion

Las Vegas is alive at night

Sherine and Dax

Casinos everywhere!

Nice sportcars for rent

It's a city that never sleeps

Large screens with advertisements for shows etc

Almost everything is lighted up

Man-made lake

Effiel Tower

A show at the Fountains of Bellagio

Jets of water shooting into the air accompanied by music

The water goes up really high, about 5 storeys or more

Caesar's Palace is next to Bellagio

Statues at the front of the Palace

Hit the jackpot and win this car!

Forum shops inside

There's an artificial sky and it's evening now

The sky adds a nice touch to the atmosphere

The talking statues

A laser show with the bunch of mouth moving statues talking dunno what...

Disney shop

The sky now is day and it brightens the place so much that you forget it is night outside

The next day we visited the Fermont Street walkway with shops and casinos near our hotel, but off the Strip

Not a bad place to go...

We hit The Strip again and it's a pirate ship at Treasure Island

Skull head

The Treasure Island have free shows going on at fixed times

We missed the show, cos' there's too many people...

A Venice setting

Get to ride on a boat in the artificial lake

It goes under the bridge too...

Some tower...

There's another one...

The Mirage hotel

It's got a flaming volcano with water jets and real flames

The volcano's died out...

Another place with artificial sky

Shops, cafes, bars, etc...

Statue of Liberty at a New York themed hotel

MGM Grand hotel

Performance in the casino

Slot machines

Lazy lionesses

At a M&M place, look at all the colours they got for the M&M chocolates!

Mix your chocolates...

Bowling at our Castaways hotel on our last night in Vegas

Group photo 1

Group photo 2

Group photo 3