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22nd November 2002

Kae Fong and his NUSEA (NUS Entrepreneurs Association) organised a NUSEA Mixer which is an event for us to bring guests from our company to join and network. I invited my supervisor, Lawrence and my CEO, Wrich, to attend.We also had some well-known guests to be our panelists and our topic was “Beyond the Gloom and Doom: Global Entrepreneurship in the Next 5 Years”. There was a rather engaging discussion on this and we got to meet many people too.

It's a major event for us and many of us got involved in helping out in the event even the non-committee members. I got to help as one of the photographers and the logo and webpage designer. Everyone did their share to set up the place and clear up and we had a good time. =)

The reception people

Preparing the guest list

Eu Jin taking a picture before the guests arrive

Some of the food!

Dax (also one of the photographers) and Yusuf

We met one of the first guest, Dwight Clark, and got to speak with him

Edric, Dwight and Me

Networking before the talk starts

Chit chatting

Olof (on the left) is a Swedish classmate in one of our entrepreneurship courses and he came over from Sweden here to visit Stanford University.

Looks like most guests have arrived

The panelists preparing

Kae Fong giving an opening address

Our 4 esteemed panelists: Tom Kosnik, Heidi, David and Michael

Tom standing on a chair for greater impact to encourage the audience to ask questions

Enjoying food with the discussion

Prize presentation

A token of appreciation for our panelists...

who gave us greater insights by...

sharing with us their experiences and predictions

Wrich (my CEO), Me and Lawrence (my supervisor)

Wrich sharing some interesting thoughts with us

The event is over and people are still talking

Yummy food, but lousy tea (too sweet)

Ek Tsoon entertaining us with his piano pieces

Eu Jin can play the piano too!

Prem is happy with the leftovers to take home

James 'stealing' some food too

Haha, we are no exception... food to last us a few days!