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31st October 2002

Castro Street in San Francisco was alive with people and creatures that night. People are really dressing up into any characters they can dream up of. We went to get some 'costumes' of our own to join in the fun!

Me with a cape and a lightsaber! Supposedly to be a Jedi outfit

James with a red wig, Caoyu and Lesley and Prem with a yellow wig

The lightsaber at the back is Heng Wai's

Dax the pigface and the pink wigged person is Chin Wee

Off we go to mix in the crowd! Me and Heng Wai got our lightsabers to lead the rest and avoid getting lost

A walking dice

Scary or not?

Passerbys watching

The wizard from Lord of the Rings?

A witch

What's that big head thing?

Oh, a Powerpuff Girl...

Getting crowded

Okie, we are now in the middle of a big crowd

Is that me with the white cape?

People seem to like to pose with these 2 guys

Who wants milk?

People dancing on rooftops

All the bars are packed

People coming out of their house to party

End of competition... 2 finalists have emerged

Golden Gate Bridge costume by 2 ang mors...

More people...

Guy in a bed costume

Halloween Group Photo

There's also some 'free shows' when some people really start wearing little and our theory was that in American festivals or crowds, there's always some crazy or nude people around...

It was 11:30pm or so and it was really crowded by then. Some of them wanted to rejoin the crowd to catch more excitement but some of us had enough... then we all decided to go back (I didn't want to stay too late, cos' I got a driving test the next morning =P)... There was an ambulance in the crowd and along the way back to the carpark, we saw more rescue vehicles, but did not know what happened. But we went back safe and sound and enjoyed ourselves.

Only till the next morning from the news, that I knew there was a crowd of 300,000 people and several fights occurred and police were clearing the streets around 1am. Oh well, things like that happen when there's a large crowd. Anyway who cares... I just passed my driving test and that's all it matters for now... =)