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Pumpkin Festival

19th October 2002

We went to see the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival on Saturday afternoon. It's close to Halloween, so that's why there are so many pumpkins around. There are many stalls at the festival, a pie-eating contest for kids and adults, a haunted house (we did not go in cos' there's a long queue & it's not free!), a display of pumpkin carving and the record-breaking giant pumpkin...

There's a already a large crowd

Children's playhouse

Me and a hand carved pumpkin face

The expert carver at work

A live band performance

Pay 5 bucks to take photo with these guys

Me posing with a clown

Kids posing with the largest pumpkin

Us posing with pumpkins!

Sherine with her headgear

Good pumpkin pie with whipped cream!

Rock climbing

The little girl made the top, impressive...

Pumpkin-eating contestant

Another kid contestant

The adults are starting..... Go!

They have to eat with their hands behind their backs

Cream in the face!

End of competition... 2 finalists have emerged

There are 2 more finalists here...

Rahul posing with a cowboy hat

Kids playing on a Frog Hopper machine...

Scarecrows made by kids

Too cute to be scary leh...

After the festival, we drove to a pumpkin patch or a farm to see more pumpkins!

The gang - Colin blocked by Dax, Eu Jin, Heng Wai and Rahul... got me, Edmund, Sherine and Chin Wee not in picture

Welcome to Arata's Farm

There's a large variety of pumpkins there

There's some animals also

You will find pumpkins of different colours here

Rahul and Eu Jin... we are allowed to go onto the pumpkin field to choose pumpkins

We are the scarecrows!

Rahul and a real scarecrow

Lastly, we went to the coast to see the beach and the sea...

It's getting dark

The strong waves and not many people are there, cos' the cold sea breeze is blowing

Rahul is cold...

Me and Dax

Nice beach, but there's horse dung around, cos' there's people riding horses nearby

The cliffs where we came down to the beach

Rahul on a climb

Edmund and Rahul, 2 daredevils trying to climb to the top...