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Sherine's 21

8th October 2002

We got a little surprise birthday cake for Sherine when the clock hit 12 midnight. There's no way to forget her birthday as she keeps talking about it and already invited us to a pub with her work colleagues.

The cake

Trying to arrange 21 candles on the cake!

The Birthday Gal

Cut cake for us to eat hor

Group picture

Kae Fong at the pool table. We went to the pub after work.

Who's that person who disturbed me and ran away when I am taking a shot?

Eu Jin


One of Sherine's colleague


Another of Sherine's colleague

Employees of


The pub's beside an ice hockey rink

Final group photo for the night: (from left) Me, Eu Jin, Kae Fong, Edric, Sherine, Prem