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How Berkeley Can You Be

29th September 2002

The How Berkeley Can You Be? Parade and Festival is an annual event held in downtown Berkeley. There's a parade of decorated cars in any fancy design you can imagine. You can probably think of the parade to be similar to the floats on NUS Rag Day. There's a festival held in Civic Center Park where there's performances, food and drink booths. But we arrived there in the late morning and missed much of the parade. But the festival was ongoing for the whole day but there wasn't much to watch...

We went in 3 cars and it's a long drive to Berkeley (see map). We met at Buildfolio around Palo Alto and drove to Fermont to pick up 2 other guys before moving on to Berkeley. It was my first drive to a place so far away, but had my seniors to guide us along the way.

The parade of cars!


Eu Jin and me

The car has tons of old cameras stuck onto it

The park where the festival was held

Food, drinks and item booths

Sherine, Eu Jin and me

The rest of the NCSV people on the left

A performance

Heng Wai posing with a banana vehicle. =P


After lunch at 2pm, we decided to check out the University of California, Berkeley or called Cal for short. We walked and explored the beautiful campus. And we visited Telegraph Ave where there's a bunch of street vendors and selling handmade crafts... Then, we went back home on another long drive and it was a tiring day for us. =P

A squirrel in the campus =P

Along the Telegraph Ave

Street vendors by the roadside