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28th September 2002

It's has been 2 or 3 weeks since we moved into our new apartment and a month's stay for me here in California. We at Marymount Apartments held a housewarming for our friends! =)

We had to attend a presentation by Prof Jacob Phang, our NUS Enterprise prof, in Santa Clara University in the morning. He came over from Singapore to update us on some things happening to our NCSV programme and to address some issues we raised to him...

Keith promoting bottled water... NEWater? No lah...

The class after the presentation...

Then, our housewarming was held in the afternoon after the presentation. We were pleased that the turnout was rather good. =) The following housewarming photos are taken by Dax.

Things to eat at our apartment

The lady in the centre is Dax's supervisor, Ms. Gek, who always brought nice things for us...

Bao Lei, Eu Jin and Prem

Everyone's playing games

Oh playing Puzzle Bobble!

Me challenging Jason to a game, haha

Yeah, I beat Jason, haha!

Drinking, eating and talking =P

Dax in a clownish mood? =P

The Bollywood stars!

Jason, Maria and Serene

Wee Lee giving Probir rabbit ears

Serene Ong and Serene Tan...

Hooked on the Net?

Edmund, Kae Fong and Ek Tsoon

Smile everyone =)

Edric's happie happie...

Wee Lee and Keith... oei, Keith, why u look so shocked?

In the evening, we decided to go for a movie and watched The Tuxedo by Jackie Chan. A rather entertaining show but it's only worth watching once though. =P

Fountain at the movie theatre

Entrance to the movie theatre