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Stanford University

26th September 2002

My first class in Stanford University was in the afternoon and it's the most beautiful campus I have ever seen. It is a park - green fields and fountains... a museum - a church, historical buildings... a shopping place - the bookstore is almost like the old MPH in S'pore... wow. Really impressed with it and the whole campus is on flat land and extremely spacious.

There's a wide diversity of students there and I saw quite a number of Asian students. People are moving about on bicycles and Stanford University encourages biking and parking is expensive. Had a hard time finding parking lots too. You will need to purchase a parking permit to park in reserved lots and the permits are expensive too.

My class was Programming Languages and the lecturer was quite a funny person and he made the lecture interesting. It's gonna be twice a week for the lectures and I am not sure if I will continue with the course as I will be busy with my work in my company and there's 2 other compulsory entrpreneurship modules to take... There's Sherine, Olivia, Lu Yin and Manisha taking this course with me too. Let's take the lessons for another 2 weeks or so to decide whether to drop it (too much work?) or continue with it (the campus nice!)...

Almost everyone seems to have bicycles

The computer science building (William Gates building) where I had my Programming Languages lecture

A fountain near the Gates building

Past this structure is the Main Quad

Along the walkway

Here's the Main Quad, a big open space

Me in front of the Memorial Church near the Main Quad

Behind the pool is the Stanford Bookstore

The Old Union building where we made our Stanford ID cards.

Sherine with her stuff bought at the Stanford bookstore. Behind is the Gates building

I also bought a Stanford T-shirt and some postcards. Behind is the David Packard Electrical Engineering building

A random shot... not sure what's that building =P