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24th September 2002

I finally got my car today! Yeah, commuting is solved at last and I do not have to bother Dax or Eu Jin for their car rides liao. Thanks to these guys for sending and picking me up from work. =)

Also thanks to my supervisor, Lawrence Suen and my colleague, John Hudson from L2Solutions who gave me rides before. Their cars are featured at the end of this page.

Back to my car, I got an offer from Colin's colleague, Helen. She's a nice person and during the sale, everything went smoothly. The interesting thing was that she's from China and so we spoke Chinese most of the time discussing the deal and I got to speak with her fiance about technical details also in Chinese. Thought that I will not have the chance to speak much Chinese here in the States. =P

The car is a 1988 Honda Civic and it's an automatic car. Although the paintwork on the exterior has worn out, but the interior feels good and the car drives well. Classes in Stanford will be starting soon and I got the car just in time. Well, it's my first car and it will follow me for another 10 months or so... =)

Below are the photos of my roommates' cars. Imagine 4 cars at one apartment! That's one car each for the 4 of us...

My car back at the parking place near our apartment after I drove home from work in it.

Photo in the day

Dax's Toyota Camry

Eu Jin's Ford Probe

Dax and Sherine's Mazda Miata!

Back view

This beautiful convertible is shared by Dax and Sherine and it's considered quite cheap for a convertible.

The happy owners

Lawrence's Honda sports car

I had the chance to sit in it for 4 or 5 times, without the hood, blazing along the roads... =PPP

John Hudson's new BMW car which I sat in when he took me to collect my Honda Civic