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Mooncake Party @ Buildfolio

22nd September 2002

We are definitely not going to miss celebrating the mooncake festival here in the US! Most of the NCSV students were there on Sunday evening to have a mooncake-cum-pizza dinner. The venue was Buildfolio, home and office of James, Rahul, Shreyan and Sohrab, who graciously lend us the place to party! =)

Kae Fong who's the chairperson of the current NCSV committee took this opportunity to speak to the 2 batches of students and introduced the rest of the committee members - Shreyan, Serene Ong, Wee Lee and Yusuf. The committee will be handing over to a new committee at the end of the year... thanks to the committee for organising the trips and talks for us. =)

2 idiots blocking my shot, haha =P

Food! Lotsa pizza but not enough mooncakes though, and some of them are like pineapple tarts...

There's wine and cider too and no, we did not light the lanterns, otherwise we will burn the place down... =P