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23rd Birthday @ SF

14th September 2002

It was a Saturday and my friends had planned a trip to San Francisco (SF) to visit the Fisherman's Wharf. And that day just happened to be my birthday. =) But I only told them of my birthday the night before... so there wasn't any celebration, haha. Anyway, it was me, Dax, Sherine, Edric and Eu Jin going on the trip there.

The traffic towards SF was quite heavy, probably because it was a weekend and many people are visiting there too. We decided to stop by Chinatown in SF before going to Fisherman's Wharf...

The Bay Bridge along the way to SF.

A limo in the city! We also saw another white one too...

A first shot of Chinatown

You can find many Chinese people here.

Hmm, seems to be an event taking place...

An old building...

Hey, there's a crowd here!

People are celebrating the Autumn Moon Festival here

We chanced upon a Chinese restaurant and had Dim Sum for lunch there

Further down the streets...

Me posing =P

Me and Eu Jin

We toured the rest of Chinatown for a while...

Banana Republic, a shopping place for clothes

A guy as a mechanical robot...

He was pretty realistic as a robot...

Late afternoon, we left Chinatown to Fisherman's Wharf. We also found that parking was difficult and expensive. We had paid $7 to park our car when we were touring Chinatown and we paid $12 to park at a place near Fisherman's Wharf...

Walking towards Fisherman's Wharf...

A horse carrying tourists on the roads

See the man behind the leaves? When people walk towards the leaves unsuspectingly, he suddenly shakes the leaves and scares them! Haha, just like something out of Candid Camera.

Quite a lot of people crowds to see and laugh at the spectacle but the man with the leaves is one of the many beggars making a living for themselves...

Fisherman's Wharf


Eu Jin

Sherine and me

Sherine and Eu Jin

The island called Alcatraz in the centre

A torpedo for display

Naval display

Tower in the background

Posing as passengers...

... a non-moving tram!

A man performing with his son...

It was good weather, clear skies and cool.

At the pier


We tried clam chowders which are a specialty of this area and there are shops selling clam chowders everywhere.

A man performing an escape from a chain and jacket. He was rather humorous in the process of the escape.

A nice sunset

The island of Alcatraz where it used to hold prisoners.

Seals basking in the evening sun

More seals but they stink though... =P

Shot of the city...

We hurried on to the mountains known as the Twin Peaks. Originally we intended to see the sunset from the mountains but it was already dark when we finally found our way there. It was quite a high way up to one of the peaks and it was freezing cold! Winds were blowing eternally and strong that you might be blown off if you stood too close to the edge. The night lights of the city were a fantastic sight from the peak and we 'tortured' ourselves staying in the freezing cold to marvel at the picturesque view. We took a few pictures but most of the pictures did not turn out good however... =( Probably digital cameras are not good for night shots... After we decided that it was too cold for us, we went back to Dax's car to defrost...

The night view of San Francisco city

Woah! We are being blown away!

Another view when it was real dark

Various shots that came out blurred and had to shrink them

Bright city lights...

Castro city... err... a famous gay area

After the freezing ordeal, we went to a cafe for some hot drinks at this place called Castro city. It's a well-known place... for gays... This area has a gay community and normally you might see rainbow-coloured flags on some buildings, so that you know there's such a community nearby. Anyway, you will noticed some 'couples' holding hands and walking together on the streets. Yeah.. 2 guys holding hands... Well, we have heard of this place before and now that we have seen enough, we headed back home to Redwood City to rest.