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Moving to Redwood City

8th September 2002

Yep, we are moving! We got ourselves a new 2-room apartment to stay at Redwood City. It's going to be shared by 4 people (me, Dax, Sherine and Eu Jin who will move in at a later date) and so our shared rent is quite cheap. It's called Marymount Apartments and its address is at 1405 Marshall Street, #510, Redwood City CA 94063. There are a number of shops nearby and the train station is near too, and when I mean near, it is still a bit far but walkable. That's why a car is a necessity here...

So the 4 of us (me, Dax, Sherine, Edric) left the NUS apartment at Sunnyvale in the morning and Pal Kang, a driver employed by NUS, helped us move our luggage and stuff. Goodbye to the Willowbend Apartments!

Door to the NUS apartment - Willowbend Apartments

Our block, Block N at 1035 Aster Ave, #2235, Sunnyvale CA 94086...

The dining table and the washer upstairs

2 PCs for our use in the living room and the kitchen

The bedrooms


We arrived at the new apartments in Pal's and had to move all our luggage up to the 5th floor where our place is. But Dax and Edric drove their own cars there and met up with us. Then we went to buy things for our new place as it is unfurnished.

Here's Redwood City!

The empty living room! We should be getting a table, sofa and TV soon I hope...

The kitchen and the ironing board in the dining area.

One of the 2 bathrooms we have...

The tall lamp that we bought for the master bedroom. There's a walk-in closet behind the lamp too.

The master bedroom with 2 sleeping bags, shared by me and Dax. There's still some space for Eu Jin when he comes.

The other room is for Sherine, so lucky! Got herself an air bed, nice bedsheets and a table lamp. The guys will be upgrading to mattresses later... =P