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San Francisco, Crissy Beach

7th September 2002

Our first NCSV pinic organised by our NUS staff, Karen and Yu Ling took place at Crissy Beach in San Francisco! It's the first official outing that we had and we got to meet up with practically everyone from both batches (Jan '02 and Jul '02 batch). If I am not mistaken, there are about 28 of us students there and probably 3 or 4 who did not make it for the pinic. It's a great place there as we can walk to the famous Golden Gate Bridge and take in the magnificent view of it...

The weather's cool but sometimes cold winds blow. We had lunch there and the food is provided by NUS. We played Captain's ball with a frisbee and later switched to a ball. Then we had some games and next was a short soccer game. Later we split up to explore the area and I took the Golden Gate Bridge direction, while the rest went in the opposite direction to look at the Fine Arts Museum, well, guess I will be visiting that museum the next time I visit San Francisco.

We left the place in the evening. We have some drivers (our friends with cars =P) to take us back. Along the way out of San Francisco City, I could see many homeless people around... begging for money and food and some even walked on the roads between the lanes with placards on them. You would not expect to see this right here in the city but every street corner will have at least one of them lying around, poor things...

Anyway, everyone went to an Indian restaurant for an Indian buffet and there's 26 of us there! Then, me and Sherine took Kae Fong's car again back to our NUS apartment and Dax and Edric was back. The 2 guys did not go for the picnic for some reason. Anyway, it is time to pack up and move to our new apartment in Redwood City... we will hope to visit San Francisco again, cos' there's still so many things to explore!

Behind me is the Golden Gate Bridge

View from Crissy beach.

Me with Sherine and Eugenia.

Another view of the city in the background


Jason, me and Eu Jin

Groups preparing for the Treasure Hunt game

Do we have the items on the list???

Winners of the Treasure Hunt, Lu Yin, Ek Tsoon, Sherine and Maria

Standing around in a circle to introduce oneself to everybody

What are these things? Stone statues?

Nope, there's this guy here who balances the rocks and stones!

The balanced product... amazing huh... =0

A group photo! Me to the far right

Group photo at the weird tree, me not inside... =P

A group photo! Me on the 2nd from the left...

Me with Akshay, Rahul and Probir

Nice view! Like something from a postcard eh...

Group photo up on the Bridge

Another shot

This contraption is... a penny squasher! You have to put a penny and pay 2 quarters (25 cents a quarter) to use it.

It moulds a penny (1 cent) coin into the oval flat metal sheet on the right. =) There are many such machines around in California and you can make them with different imprints and collect them in a penny handbook!

A cute doggie with a blue sweater played frisbee with us before we left for the carpark...

The doggie and its owner and when the guy wanted to return the frisbee to us, it bit the frisbee and refused to let go... haha =)