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First Day @ Work

3rd September 2002

Yu Ling drove me down to work today at around 9:30am and we arrived at the 2 storey office building at Corporation Way, Palo Alto. My company L2Solutions was just 3 rooms in the building and there were about 9 people there. I met Lawrence Suen the CTO who interviewed me prior to my arrival here in Silicon Valley. He's Singaporean but he speaks with some American accent. Then there's Lawrence Chang, CFO, who's a Chinese American. And there's Ariel, Ashish, Swatis, Angela, Anna and John too. Later, I met our CEO, Wrich Printz, a plump, cheery and funny guy. =) And he's just wearing a polo shirt and shorts! I felt overly formal with a shirt and pants... Most of the employees wore causal summer clothes.

Lawrence (Suen) oriented me a while to the office and demonstrated the software product called DigitaL2 that L2Solutions markets to their customers. Later I was to read up on some documentation on a laptop assigned to me. Next was lunch and the CEO took us out to a Chinese restaurant. I was in Wrich's car and Ariel was inside too, and they shared some American experiences with me.

After lunch, back at the office, we had a meeting and it was rather informal but productive. We had to drag our office chairs to the meeting room, cos' there wasn't enough chairs! The CEO wanted me to be at the meeting even though it was hard to understand what was going on. I still have some trouble catching the American accent. And also, the meeting was held with someone in another area on the phone. It's a little like teleconferencing because the company has some employees in other states. After this, I learnt that Swatis is also an intern who came a few weeks ago but she's a graduate though.

After 5:30pm or so, I had to stay back to attend another meeting while Swatis went home first. =( But the meeting was ok, as I can see for myself how organized and efficient it was to go through the issues on the agenda. The CEO and the others cracked little jokes here and there and at one time, Lawrence Suen was even lying on the floor during the meeting!

When it is finally time for me to knock off, it was around 7pm and Lawrence Suen kindly drove me back to the NUS apartments and even offered to drive me to work the next morning. It's still inconvenient for me to take the train as my company is rather far from the train station, unless I have a bicycle to take me to the station... I hope to get a car soon but I have to do with public transport or Lawrence car for now! Anyway just wait and see...

My office laptop and the DigitaL2 software I am supposed to try out and see the code...

My 2-storey office building from the outside. It also houses several other companies inside too.

The back door of the building where we enter and exit most of the time.

The door to my office...