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Pool-side BBQ

2nd September 2002

Dr Euan Murugasu is a visiting A-STAR fellow at Stanford's Ear Institute and although we, the 2nd batch of NCSV students, have never met him before, he invited us to his house for BBQ as well! It was a BIG house at 8 Reyna Place, Menlo Park. The driveway can squeeze 4 cars and the house has a pool, a room for a pool table, a space for outdoor badminton or volleyball, wow.

It's a great gathering there as I got to meet up with the rest of the NCSV students like Keith, Shreyan, Yusuf, Serene etc. There's some other guests of Dr Euan and I managed to speak with a Singaporean guy called David who works for Apple here. We talked about technical stuff like programming languages and microprocessors.

The pool and it's quite hot weather but the water was cold.

The BBQ pit and other food on the table.

A photo by the pool.

A group photo, but hey, we are not ready yet!

Me and my CPE senior Jason Foong

Outdoor badminton!

Group photo 1, Euan is the guy sitting on the far right

Group photo 2

After the BBQ around 11pm, we dropped by Sohrab's company, Buildfolio, as the seniors needed to meet up for a meeting on NCSV issues. Sohrab, James, Shreyan and Rahul are working there and they have a place to stay at the company! The 2nd floor is their living quarters and their office is just below, it's practically 0 travel time to the office! After the meeting, we left around 12:30am back home. Prem needed to move to Yusuf's place tonight, so Yusuf and Keith came over to our NUS apartments to help him out. Then, Dax and Edric are back from LA. So now it's down to 4 of us at the NUS apartments.

An interesting notice at the Buildfolio toilet by the CEO!

Seniors at the table, juniors relaxing at the couches!