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Boring Day, Late Night

31st August 2002


It was a boring morning and afternoon for us today, Dax and Edric went to LA and there's no one with a car to drive us around. I called up to rent a car but could not, as they do not accept cash and require a credit or debit card. Oh well, we thought we will be stranded here in our apartments. Prem and I went to get groceries at Safeway again today, by walking! It's hot in the afternoon and did not sweat much though, probably the weather's dry here.

There was an invitation for a clubbing session via email a few days before and Kae Fong, our senior called us! He was asking whether we are joining them and we wanted to go, otherwise it will be so boring at the apartments. He came around 5pm to pick us up and there's also Wee Lee, Sohrab, Edmund & Shantanu with him. There's 2 cars with them and we went to have dinner at a Thai restaurant at downtown San Jose and were joined by 2 friends of the seniors. The 2 were a working couple who lived here for some time and were familiar with the place.

We were supposed to go to this club called Lido, but there's an age restriction of being at least 21 years old and there's an ID check. Some of us were either not 21 yet or did not bring a proper ID, so we did not go inside in the end. We went to another place to try pool but there's no luck either cos' of the ID check. It became some kind of sight-seeing tour. =P

Finally, we traveled to Malibu Grand Prix. We got lost along the way in one of the cars but reached the destination after stopping several times to ask for directions. It's cold at night now and on one side, there's a race track for Go-kart racing. On the other side there's baseball batting cages, arcades and miniature golf courses. We tried this side of the place, we did not try the Go-karts though.

After that, we went back home... it was around 1am. The original idea was to stay over at Sohrab's place but we decided that we were tired and probably we can meet again tomorrow...

Outside the Lido Club (taken from Sherine's camera)

A view of the buildings in downtown San Jose. There are more high-rise buildings than in the area we are staying. (taken from Sherine's camera)