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The 2nd Day

30th August 2002


The 2nd day, we (me, Sherine, Prem) went to get some groceries in the morning for breakfast and it was a LONG walk to the nearest supermarket called Safeway. This is a place where cars are your 'legs' and without a car, we were practically 'crawling'. It was a rather cool morning and it only gets quite hot like Singapore in the afternoon. Along the way, there are many houses and there wasn't any buildings higher than 2 storeys in sight. Anyway, we finally got to the supermarket but had to buy stuff quickly because Karen from the NUS office was going to meet us at 9am. Karen met up with us at our NUS apartments (called Willowbends Apartments) to settle admin matters with us and later she drove me, Prem & Sherine to open our bank account and apply for our social security number. The 2 other guys staying with us are Edric and Dax. But Edric was not working cos' of a company leave and Dax went to work after we left...

Karen took us to have an American breakfast.

That's the place we eat breakfast (along El Camino highway) and the Bank of America was nearby too. We spend the rest of the morning applying for our bank account here and to deposit our bank drafts. Then we left here to apply for our social security number.

This is the place where Karen dumped me and Sherine to do our social security number. Karen had to get Prem to his office, cos' his company wanted him to start work today... too bad, Prem. But we waited real long to apply and had to figure out where we were and how to get back home... we went to a shopping centre called Target and from there, asked directions to the nearest train station.

On the Caltrain, our first train ride! But it's only a stop to the station near our apartments. The ticket was USD$1.50... Then we had to walk back to our apartments and we got lost, partly misinterpreted a highway for a train track on the map. We followed a wrong road and ended up at a dead end. But met 2 ladies who helped us find our way back...

There's even another deck upstairs.

This is how the train looks from the outside.

That's the long road back to our apartments... tired siah. We were walking a lot cos' we went the wrong way.

Phew, back at the apartments finally and Dax was home. Cos, he's the one only with a car now and we went out back to the Target shopping place cos' Sherine left something there and we also shopped for mobile phones there. We were unable to get one as they needed our social security in order to apply for a phone plan. Even Dax who already got a number is unable to charge our phones to his account on our behalf as his social security number wasn't confirmed yet, so we have to live without phones for now... Then we went to get more groceries at Safeway again for dinner and for the rest of the tomorrow's meals... what a whole day, tired after all the walking in the morning and afternoon.

The dinner that Sherine cooked up, me helping a bit. =P Not too bad lah, the chicken was quite good actually. But only me, her and Dax got to eat it. Prem and Edric had their dinner outside and returned home late.