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Off to Silicon Valley

29th August 2002


This is the first day of my trip to Silicon Valley. My flight was at 6am and we had to check in at the airport at 4am! Did not have enough sleep that day and nobody else except my family could send me off... =(. However, I received a send-off call from a close friend (hx) around 5am, before I went in to board the plane. =)

My family sending me off at Terminal 1, Changi Airport. =)

I left on this flight together with 2 other friends on the NCSV programme, Sherine and Prem. Nice to have them on the same flight, otherwise it would be so boring to fly alone... We took a plane from Singapore to Tokyo, 7hrs (transit) and from Tokyo to San Francisco, 9hrs. We were supposed to have 1hr 30min to spend at Narita Airport in Tokyo, but because our earlier flight from Singapore was delayed by an hour, we did not have time to check out the airport.

The airline we were flying on was Northwest Airlines, So, here's some pictures on the plane =)

Me sitting with Sherine for both flights, and Prem in front of us for the first flight, then at the back for the 2nd flight. Prem seems to be able to sleep at any time!

Inside the aircraft and that's the stuff I eat on the plane. =P

We played Tai Di and Prem ordered 3 cans of beers. Whoever loses a round, i.e the most cards left, drinks from the plastic cup. The loser will also determine the amount of beer to be poured for the next round. But Sherine had almost 2 cans to drink while I had one. Prem did not get a single drop to drink! Think he must be peeping at our cards.

Here's some pictures taken from the plane...

Transit at Narita Airport

We finally arrived at San Francisco around 10:30am and a NUS driver drove us to our temporary apartments in Sunnyvale.

First photo in San Francisco, on the way out of the airport.

Sherine and Prem at the PCs at the apartments.

Me at the sofa at the apartments, tired siah... want to sleep, it was about 11+ am. Then called back to my family in S'pore and kept in touch with friends on ICQ...

Dax who arrived here 2 weeks earlier was back at around 12pm from this office and he took us around for lunch and a little orientation.

Not doing much after lunch, we had a nap and tried to adjust to our surroundings and soon it's dinner time. =P

Dinner @ a Thai restaurant in downtown Sunnyvale with 2 seniors, Kae Fong and Wee Lee. The guys from left are me, Wee Lee, Dax, Kae Fong, Prem, Edric and the only girl is Sherine.